FendElegance Fender Covers

We have created a product as a production cover that has a custom tailored look and fit for many common inflatable fender sizes. We have patterned over 50+ sizes of these popular fender brands: Aere, Prostock, Megafend, and HTM versions of PolyForm and TaylorMade! Many of these covers are in stock, in Black; our standard color, and ready to ship

These covers have a durability that lasts more than one season. The harsh elements of the salty sea and air, along with the sunlight have damaging affects on the materials used by other covers. We have found a material that withstands these elements.

The fabric used to construct ‘FENDElegance’ Fender Covers has a plush, non-linear appearance with exceptional strength, durability and softness. It has a high resistance to stains, mold, mildew, gas, oil and salt. It is exceptionally lightweight, does not fade, is color-fast, UV-Resistant and does not sag or bag, and is easy to clean.

The fabric is a high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Finally fitting into our idea of re-ducing, re-using and re-cycling a small amount of the waste produced by us all.

One comment from a Captain on a yacht using ‘FENDElegance’ fender covers is that they are lightweight enough that all members of the crew are able to pick them up and maneuver them easily, even when wet. This fabric does not absorb water, shedding it as the fenders are lifted from the water; limiting the salty water transferred onto the decks.

‘FENDElegance’ Fender Covers are the perfect soft solution to go between the fender and the delicate surface of a yacht.

“We decided to start this venture when we saw a fender cover on a former yacht we worked that used the same material, and after 5 years it looked the same as it did when we first had it made. These yachts are worth a lot of money, and this product will help protect the investment. Plus they are beautiful and plush; just like the yachts. Elegance through and through”. Says Captain and former Stew, Owners of FendElegance, Mike and Jodi Petty.

‘FENDElegance’ was created by a former Captain and Chief Stew Team who migrated to land to have a family, but had a desire to stay in the yacht industry by creating ‘FENDElegance’, a Fender Cover business. We are excited to bring this product to the yachts. We know so many Captains and crew that will like this new cover on the yachts they are on. It makes the crew look better when the boat looks detailed!

Many sizes are currently available, for Aere, Prostock, and Megafend inflatable fenders. Custom sizes are also available. Email us for more information. We can send you a Custom Size diagram, which you can fill in and return to us for an estimate, and to start production.

We are always expanding our line of sizes.

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Meet The Team

Jodi Petty

Marketing & Sales

This is mutually managed and operated company consisting of my husband, Captain Mike Petty and myself.

Having worked on yachts as a Chief Stew and First Mate, for over 8 years, my love of water, yachts and sewing merged into this venture after moving to land when we decided to have a child.

My background and college degree are in Graphic Design and Marketing, so that makes perfect sense that I use my skills to market and sell these fender covers.

If you have any questions, it is me that answers the phone. Owner and mother, I wear many hats.

  • Marketing
  • Design |Pattern Making
  • Ella's Mom
  • Sales
  • Owner
  • Webmaster
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Mike Petty

Owner / Public Relations

Having been on yachts for over 15 years, I can see the value of a product that truly stands up to the elements and saves the owner money and time for the yacht crew.

FendElegance fender covers have been operating now for the past 10 years – and has surpassed our expectations. There are hundreds of yachts that have the FendElegance fender covers on their fenders. There are many Captains and Mates that have ordered one or more sets, or have moved to a new yacht and ordered new covers!

That shows loyalty and confidence in our products.

  • Public Relations
  • Owner | Quality Control
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance
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Sewer Extraordinare

Jackie comes from a long line of accomplished sewers. Her mother taught her at an early age the value of quality and attention to detail.

We are so glad that Jackie is sewing for FendElegance, and will continue to do so for many years. She has two daughters who are in grade school, so Jackie sews around their schedules. As we know family is very important.

Thanks Jackie!

  • Sewing
  • Fulfillment
  • Cutting
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